While many flee the capital, seven families experience lockdown in a building on the rue de l’Humanité. A café owner who reuses her pear alcohol as a hydroalcoholic gel, a geeky Zoom sports coach who gets fatter by the week, his fiancée, a singer who is seven months pregnant and doesn’t want to go to hospital alone, a self-made man who desperately wants to be as smart as his 8-year-old son, etc.

At 70, Shauna, thinks that most of her life is behind her, when she finds Pierre, this married man and father, whom she had met and who already had her moved fifteen years earlier. Equally upset by this reunion, Pierre and Shauna begin an affair.

1978. Didier Mathure, a brilliant space engineer, sees his dream go up in smoke when his rocket explodes during takeoff. Just when he thought he had hit rock bottom, he is transferred to the head of an investigation office specialized in UFOs and managed by a team that gives the impression of living on another planet. His mission: to find scientific explanations for the flying saucer sightings that are in the news. A real hell for this inveterate Cartesian who has only one idea in mind: to get out of there as soon as possible. But an extraordinary event will upset his certainties and open the doors to a world where nothing is impossible.

«L’Opéra» is an 8-part TV series that follows three key characters in France’s temple of dance: the Paris Opera Ballet. Three career paths in which dreams clash with reality, ambitions collide with expectations, and purity wrestles with corruption. plunges us into a mysterious and fascinating world, a dream factory built on suffering and laden with drama and intrigue.

When an ex-prisoner of the Great War returns home and finds his comrades brutally murdered, he decides to bring the serial-killer to justice.

Saïd owns a sawmill deep in the woods, which he decides to sell. Little does he know that one of his apprentices was cornered by his brother and forced to hide a large amount of cocaine inside the factory.

Set in 1889, the story about the five remaining vampire clans in Europe who are training to survive. In their midst is Alisa (14) who has the power to choose between eternal life as a vampire or for all vampires to live as humans.